EcoClean is a privately owned and operated manufacturer, distributor, and service provider for chemicals, toilet paper, general cleaning, lawn management, pest control and hygiene & sanitisation providing a one-stop provider for all your cleaning and hygiene needs.  

We operate in a very competitive environment, and for continuity and sustainability, we have interlinked business divisions where each division complements the other to ensure a smooth flow of our work, reducing the cost of production, ensuring specialisation, and offering quality and competitive product to our clients.   


  • Raising the Standard of Cleaning!


  • Make a noticeable difference to the businesses we serve, the communities in which we operate and the staff which we employ;
  • Forge a partnership with clients, staff, and stakeholders and work collectively towards the achievement of shared goals; 
  • Becoming an industry leader in achieving excellence, innovation and producing international standard products and services which complement and support the core objectives of our business; 
  • To live by the brand in promoting eco-friendly, economical and local value-added products to ensure micro and macroeconomic growth. 


  • Leadership – Taking on a leading role in advancing towards achieving a one-stop supplier of chemicals, general cleaning and products, hygiene & sanitisation and pest control services; 
  • Integrity – Demonstrating openness and honesty in what we do;
  • Innovation – Exhibiting curiosity, committing to exploration and evolution;
  • Safety and Sustainability – Safeguarding the health and wellbeing of our clients, our staff, and the environment;
  • Commitment – Calling on passion and persistence to deliver excellence in operations with immediate response to clients’ needs;
  • Respect – Behaving positively and professionally in our business dealings.


Eco Clean is committed to making a difference to the livelihoods of its people and takes pride in each staff.  We are proud to say that we employ individuals who are from the informal sector, school dropouts and people who do not have any formal tertiary qualifications.  

Employment profiles are segmented by different divisions with a total staff complement of 82 and counting.  In our Janitorial Division, we have a total of 78 female staff with one female management staff and 1 male management staff; Lawn Management Division, we have 21 Male with 1 Operations Manager and 1 Female Supervisor; Manufacturing, Chemicals & Warehousing Division we have 2 full-time male staff and 1 female while we have one staff in our Sales Division.  

Our in-house trained staff maintains a top-notch professional image that will complement your business.  In addition, the majority of our staff is security checked with the local police authorities ensuring that your building and inventory are always secure and we continue to strive towards a 100 percent security checked workforce. Supervision is the key to our success! Customers will regularly see our Supervisors doing a quality inspection of the sites we work in with almost immediate response time to issues should one arise. The overall operations of all the Divisions are overseen by Shelvin Kishore.   


Shelvin Kishore (MBIS, BA) – Chief Executive Officer 

Shelvin Kishore – an Economist turned Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Eco Clean Fiji Limited (EcoClean), a company that specialises in manufacturing household and commercial chemicals, toilet paper products and provides general cleaning and lawn management services to corporates in Fiji.   Shelvin graduated from the University of the South Pacific with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Accounting and Economics after which he pursued his Master of Business specialising in Financial Planning from the University of Southern Queensland in Australia.  

His career began as a Graduate Accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers where he worked in the business advisory and taxation unit before joining the Reserve Bank of Fiji as an Economist where he spent 8 years of his Career in various Units dealing with economic issues.  Shelvin has great passion to use his skills and knowledge acquired to put it to practice and that’s one reason why EcoClean has expanded from being just a janitorial company to be the manufacturer of own brands of cleaning chemicals, own brands of toilet paper and own brands of laundry detergents.  He believes in being the local producer of the cleaning products the company uses and improve its quality to meet international standards as well as create as many employments through the company as possible.  


Eco Clean had a very humble beginning with minimal assets to work with, however, within the past two years, we have grown and diversified into interlinked sectors where products from one division complement the work process of the other.  We have progressed from being a buyer of products to being a manufacturer and supplier of cleaning products.  We have moved our warehouse to a bigger facility in Valelevu to install machines, manufacturing plants, increased storage space and better office space.  Most of our cleaning equipment’s are stationed at various work sites however, our toilet paper, cleaning chemicals and laundry powder are manufactured at our warehouse site in Valelevu. EcoClean is in the process of building a bigger facility in Nakasi to accommodate its expansion plans. 


Janitorial Services 

EcoClean offers a comprehensive cleaning service to all types of businesses from small local premises right up to corporate offices.  Our daily office cleaning systems are individually designed and tailored to suit the requirements of all building types and customer demands.  Our dedicated Area Managers ensure that each site is continuously cleaned and presented to the highest standards, thus providing a showcase for our company, whereby our continued growth is maintained via recommendation and referral.  

Manufacturing Division 

  • Toilet Paper Manufacturing – EcoClean is a manufacturer of its own brand of toilet paper (PALM) which is certified as a Fijian Made product by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. 
  • EcoClean has the capacity to produce approximately 1 ton of toilet paper per day at the current setup with a further expansion of two tons by February 2020.   
  • Chemical Manufacturing – 
  • We are specialist manufacturer for the cleaning chemicals for the industrial, commercial and household.  We know what it takes to solve any dilemma which clients might have. I specialised technicians can create personalised solution formulas to suit our clients’ needs.  Not only do we manufacturer chemicals, we also take into consideration that our chemicals have minimal impact on the environment thus living up to our brand of being Eco Friendly.  
  • Hygiene and Sanitisation ServicesNeedless to say that equipped as a one stop shop for our clients, EcoClean provides a wide range of hygiene and sanitisation services from being the wholesaler of hand soap, urinal, air freshener, jumbo roll and toilet roll dispenser dispensers to providing contracted services to its clients.
  • General Pest Control ServicesEcoClean Pest Management Division provides professional pest management solutions to homes and businesses around Fiji.  In operation since 2006 as Silver Knight Pest Control is managed by technicians who have certification in pest control management and supervised by the owners of the company to ensure that a high level of services is always maintained.  Committed to the industry, our objective is to make sure we specifically understand each customer’s needs before we start delivery.  We hope to continuously upgrade and up skill our technology and technicians to ensure that we are able to provide appropriate control of pests which emerge over time.  We constantly provide cutting edge knowledge and information as per clients’ requirements while considering national and international standards.  We believe in achieving customer satisfaction through the combined efforts of planning, resource management, delivery of services and feedback from our clients. 
  • Lawn Management and Land Clearing Services – EcoClean Lawn Management Division provides professional hard and soft land clearing and maintenance services to the commercial sector. The business focuses exclusively on a few clients around Viti Levu.   We pride ourselves in providing the best possible service for all our clients from implementation to maintenance and try to honour our commitment to agreed deadlines.  Our approach to controlling and clearing bush is not limited to using brush cutters, lawn mowers or leaf blowers but engaging excavators and trucks to clear mass area of bush land within a short span of time.  



For the governance, we do not have a board of directors however, our Managing Director is responsible to the shareholders and investors given that the company is a family business and some members of the family are management staff.  

EcoClean currently provides services to over 30 well known organisations covering a broad range of clients from large public sector, municipal councils, to small private companies.  EcoClean provides a truly independent and personal service.  In an industry where knowledge and experience counts, our talented team of key personnel enjoy a wealth of experience, providing in-depth understanding of your particular needs and requirements, which are unique to every building.

Janitorial Division 

  • Reserve Bank of Fiji (RBF Building/ Domodomo House/ BRS Site)
  • Total Fiji Limited (Head Office)
  • Fiji Elections Office (High Street/ Gorrie Street/ Post Fiji)
  • Bred Bank Fiji Limited (Tappoo Head Office/ MHCC/ Nausori)
  • Bank of Baroda (Head Office)
  • Fiji National University (Pasifika Campus)
  • Fiji National University (Natabua Campus)
  • Fiji National University (Nabua Center)
  • Fiji National University (McGregor House)
  • Fiji National University (Tamavua Nursing Campus)
  • Fiji National University (Narere Campus)
  • Fiji National University (NTPC Namaka Campus) 
  • Fiji National University (Sigatoka Campus)
  • Fiji National University (Hoodless House)
  • Fiji National University (Naceva Campus) 
  • Fiji National University (Waimanu Clinic)
  • Fiji National University (Nasinu Clinic) 
  • FMF Foods Limited (Head Office) 

Lawn Management Division 

  • Fiji National University (22 Sites) – (McGregor, Natabua, Naceva, Nadi, Ba, Leqaleqa, Tamavua Nursing, DPH Tamavua, Nabua, Nasese, Derrick, Ono Street, Maritime Laucala, PCP House, Hoodless House, Waimanu Clinic, Pacifika Campus, Kivi House, Koronivia, Nasinu, Narere, and Raiwai Campus.

Chemical Division

  • Hotel Care (Fiji) Limited, New Line Chemicals (Raw materials, chemicals, salt, paper towel, toilet paper, jumbo rolls); Chem Dry Chemicals; Oceania Business & Consultancy Service Limited (Air Freshener, Paper towel, Jumbo rolls); Yatu Lau Group of Companies (Resorts and Hotels); Dolphin Bay Divers Retreat (Suppliers of chemicals, paper, pest control); Ministry of Health (Suppliers of chemicals); Vatukoula Gold Mine (Suppliers of raw materials); Kokomo Island Resort (Suppliers of chemicals); Government Shipping Services (Suppliers of industrial and cleaning chemicals); Ministry of Fisheries and Forestry (Suppliers of chemicals); Fiji Ships & Corporation (Suppliers of chemicals); Ministry of Shipping (Chemicals); Ports Fiji Limited (Chemicals); Fiji Ports Terminal Limited (Chemicals).

To this end, EcoClean creates it’s own team for each contract to provide regular maintenance and servicing.  In addition to our core cleaning services, we also provide a full range of support services.  

Suppliers and Partners – Our suppliers are mostly from New Zealand, Australia, China and India while our partners are mostly our competitors.  Such as Asaleo Care Limited is one of our hygiene partners who support us in terms of our hygiene needs and trainings.  



Over the years, the company has grown from being a cleaning company to major investments in manufacturing, wholesale & retail, services and media industries.  Not only have we been committed to our business, but we have invested significantly into these sectors of the economy which is more focused on changing the lives of many. Some of our investments include:

Fiji Entrepreneurs - The magazine is being published as a platform for young start-up, part-time, full time and established Fiji Entrepreneurs to have access to opportunities as well as content that could guide them finance, essential business services and small business trends and tools.  The aim of this magazine is to link markets which are not fully tapped.  Through our ownership and relaunch of the magazine in October, we promoted Fiji’s First ever micro enterprise classifieds.  This section of the magazine is dedicated to micro enterprises which would be able to use the magazine free of charge to promote their products around Fiji and the South Pacific.  We also provide added benefits to contractual customers for monthly publications in our magazines should they are happy to engage in a long term contract with Eco Clean Fiji Limited. 

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy refers to our responsibility toward our people, community and the environment. General Considerations for EcoClean Foundation will be:

  • Consistent with EcoClean’s mission as a company that recognises its responsibility to manage its resources prudently and responsibly;
  • EcoClean’s community funding should provide meaningful and measurable results. 
  • Contributions should support efforts to improve a holistic growth and efforts in a community within Fiji;
  • Contributions made should remain in the geographic area of Fiji and support local programs and services;
  • Priority consideration will be given to those organisations and programs that: (1) Promote the health and well-being of the community; (2) Use the sponsorship dollars provided by EcoClean to leverage greater fundraising efforts (e.g., money used to print raffle tickets that will be sold to raise more money);